This blog is about child abuse and neglect.Its my story and some links i have found helpful to provide information about the subject.

This blog does not end with an applause of how i recovered from a life of sexual and emotional abuse and  child neglect.I think recovery is a very personal thing and i honestly think some people can recover while others may not.When (at what stage in their development) a child gets abused or neglected and what happens after they are out of the situation has  a lot to do with why some recover and some don’t.

But the one thing  for sure is that as a child in the midst of abuse and/or neglect we did not have a voice.We were never heard.Due to where and when the abuse took place a lot of us will never have any kind of justice or closure at all.

Most if not all dysfunctional abusive families will deny abuse and even ostracized their victim when confronted with the truth (in my case that is what happened).

So i decided to make this blog and would encourage other survivors to speak out.Abusers hate it when you do.They hate to have their fake reputation tarnish.

I do mention author and child advocate Andrew Vachss founder of PROTECT.ORG .Of all the professionals i have spoken to.He makes the most sense.I only know of him through his writing.

I have come a long way in my understanding of my childhood and abuse and neglect.That awareness has been very helpful to me and i have helped myself a lot more than any professional ever helped me.Although their input was helpful in terms of making me aware of what i was not aware of.Which i think is the only role of therapists.I hope some of the info in this blog is helpful to any reader passing by.

I do not like to comment too much on recovery because just as is important that people hear recovery is possible.Is  important that people also understand that realistically sometimes full recovery is just not possible.And that living with PTSD, CPTSD maybe a life long battle.

Its unfair for people to make survivors of abuse and neglect think that after all they suffered now if only they try “hard enough” they can recover.

That is like telling a soldier who lost his legs in Irak that if he only tries “hard enough” he can grow new ones.

If a survivor of abuse and neglect can not recover is never, never their fault.Somewhere in his/her case and personal history they was a devastating wound that cause irreparable damage.

And in those situations perhpas the only thing anyone can do for him/her is to offer some comfort through akcnowledging and validating their suffering.And letting them grieve.A childhood lost and lived in fear, sadness and frustration is a huge loss.

Child abuse and neglect recovery is not ‘boot camp’.