I would have never really thought PTSD could have literally physical symptoms such as body aches and migraines. My recovery from the abuse and neglect my “family” had inflicted on me started after my nephew committed suicide. They say often something in the “family” happens. Something out of the ordinary. Most often tragic that brings about worse PTSD, memories, flashbacks. It did happen to me like so. With my PTSD symptoms worsening after the tragic event with no insurance I started my recovery as always alone…Thank to the internet I was able to join support groups that kept me informed of what was going on because is similar in all survivors. I also read about my diagnosis and informed myself very well.. So after my so called “family” ostracized me for telling only the TRUTH. I started having migraines when I thought of them sometimes so bad I would be bed ridden. The acuteness of the comes and goes. It helps to know what it is and to take it very easy when is gets very acute………..This article is short but has very good info. http://www.achenet.org/resources/abuse_post_traumatic_stress_disorder_and_migraine/

However CBT did not help me and I do not agree benzos do not help. When someone has GAD with PTSD and severe insomnia and no history of addiction. Anti-anxiety meds do help if taken as prescribed and as needed. Yeah someone with  a history of addiction may wan to find an alternative. But I was prescribed a very mild tranquilizer by a good doc that I take as needed. It is helpful. But I do not have a history of drug abuse. Everyone is different. And recovery is very individual.