The familes that do this to one of their own (like mine) are just not even worth the air they breath…..It makes me wonder why these cruel people do not ‘pay’somehow.How can life not give them back all the suffering they inflicted on others..How karma doesn’t exist..This is so true.

“The greatest violence one human can commit upon another is to disregard them all

My whole family did this to me ONLY for speaking the truth.NO other reason.That is how sick and dysfunctional they are…….It always amazes me how families stick by murders, drug addicts, alcoholics…..I was never any of those things.If anyone has lived a healthy lifestyle its been me.And i’m a very good person…Unfortunately after all i read abusive/neglectful families will go to a crazy level of denial to either live with themselves or for reasons perhaps only very good Docs can answer.And that crazy behaviour is very common.

Even more crazy was how they protected the abusers the ones who committed the incest and the unconscionable emotional abuse and neglect.Murder through neglect.My father and brother.The whole family ostracized me and protected them.IMAO the crazyness….wow.

This author also wrote “Ostracism”

I feel like my head is going to explode every time i think about my family…My whole body hurts and i get headches i never had before….Ostrancism is used as a form of control.The people that do it are extremelly conrolling.¬†and this clinics charge 375 an hour to “help” you.