Really great link……….Its just amazing the damage done by those who like my family abuse and neglect their own.

I was not raised in poverty.But my family thought all i needed was food, toys and clothes.That meaningful interaction with me was me being a spoiled brat…

And they refuse to aknowledge or admit it so i was just ostracized again.As they did me as a child emotionally my whole life and physically starting at 13.The only interaction i would have as a child was very negative and invalidating from my severely emotional abusive sister and father (and sexual abuse by father).And another very dysfunctional sister who was giving me drugs by 12 years telling me she had sex with my brother at 10 and 11 (me that age) like it was no biggie  among other things.

Funny they used to call me a very “negative” child….How did they expected a positive child with no interaction and only negative reinforcement?………….

One of these articles ” when  “states” become “traits”……exactly.