There are so many ‘spins’ and so many different meanings and thoughts on forgiveness it can actually make someone’s head spin.
But most are just that, spins as to what “forgiveness” means from self-righteous lines of thinking which are really detrimental to psychology and can actually make it impossible for someone to recover to attaching a whole different meaning to the word forgiveness.

If we are going by the dictionary meaning of the word forgiveness: “Release from guilt” ..I again find Andrew Vachss words pretty much make the most sense.Child abuse is not forgivable.Even animals do not do it.I mean is actually an anomaly in nature.
A lot of things in life are forgivable but child abuse and neglect is not one of them.
As far as recovery and forgiveness.Nooone has to forgive to recover if they can recover.Recovery has a lot more to do with support and very qualified help than with forgiveness.

And here’s 4 videos where Andrew Vachss discusses forgiveness with Oprah.And he pretty much sums it up.