Controlling people exert their control of others in many different ways.My sister caused me irreparable damage with hey abusive controlling ways.

But she also caused her own daughter almost her life due to anorexia.Still then she denied that it was her that caused her daughter’s anorexia even as Docs tried to explain to her.Because that is how people with NPD think.That they are perfect.Its everyone else never them and they will sacrifice even those they claim to “love” in order to remain in control and for narcissistic supply.For intelligent and sensitive children controlling people are poison.

Controlling people use ostracism too to hurt others and to gain more control.They do it on purpose to hurt.People who give the “silent treatment” or ostracise are the worse and most cruel  of abusers.

Here are some very good articles about it.One of the articles mentions that people that do this do it as a means to control and manipluate.And becuse is a form of bullying they can get away with.And they know it.